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We are so impressed with our new garage door and also for the fact that your email stated that you would be here at 9:00 this morning to install it and you were. We are so grateful  for coming so soon after our phone call, and getting the garage door up so we could get the car out of the garage, and for securing the damaged door to the frame so no one could get inside.
We will not hesitate in giving out the name of Garage Doors Miami to anyone who is in need of your services. Thank you all so much, it was such a pleasure doing business with you.”

Sincerely Ruth and Dave Miami .

“Great quality doors and great quality people! The door is easy to use and it keeps the cold out during the West Chester winter. The sales staff and the installation staff were all easy to get along with. I highly recommend The Garage Door Miami to my friends.”

Dave did a fantastic job on fixing the problem with our garage door. Once that was done, he went beyond what we asked for by looking into a problem we’ve had with our garage door opener. Definitely satisfied. I would recommend Miami Garage Door .

Jane, Residential Customer,Williamstown

I just want to say, I love my new garage door thanks to Garage door Miami and staff.
I recently put in a garage door and it is beautiful what a difference it makes my house look.
I am very pleased on your workmanship and you staff so well mannered and polite.
Again thank you and I wish you and your family Garage Door Miami a very happy holiday.

Yours truly, Mrs. Elizabeth Collegeville.

garage door Miami did a wonderful job with our garage door! I shopped around for a new garage door and The garage door Miami had the best selection and best prices as well. He worked around our schedule and was always there when he said he would be. I would urge anyone considering a new garage door or just a repair to contact the garage door Miami first for the best deal and most reliable service. They know their “stuff” and “The garage door Miami is always in”.

Tom, Miami



My garage door opener that Overhead Door installed several years ago wasn’t working. I was concerned about the potential cost of a visit, so I thought I would call to see if a technician could diagnose what was going on. The technician was able to walk me through fixing it, and I didn’t have to have them come out. Miami Garage Door rocks!
Kathy Toney November 18, 2018

Garage door torsion spring broke yesterday. Made an appointment online last night and a tech was here by 11am. The tech Mike was very friendly and explained everything. There were some other items that needed replaced to get the garage running better and quieter than it ever has since we moved in 4 years ago. Price was reasonable and springs come with a 5 year warranty.
Meagan Scott October 25, 2018
Prompt, great customer service, and very professional! We have used them twice for repairs and got a same day scheduling. Thanks Mid-West Doors! Ron David October 05, 2018

If you are looking for reliable garage door services, call Garage Door Miami. When I needed their service, they came within 1 hour and they did an excellent job. They fixed the problem promptly. They are also very easy to communicate to do business with. it was exactly what I have expected. ” – James . S

Fast, friendly, & affordable! a great company & quality work. they are the best! ” – Anni. R.

Customers Rated “Garage Doors Repair Miami is indeed the best company to trust. Their technicians are excellent. They provided exceptional services for my business.” – Loraine D.

Garage Door Miami Services “Very punctual and courteous. They have the best technicians who get the work done right. They always make sure that all jobs are finished and the entire repair went so speedy and effective.” – Jason M.

“I had a great experience with the company. I hired a technician from them when I noticed that my garage door opener just stopped working. A technician came, diagnosed the problem and did all the necessary works. He worked professionally and exceptionally.” – Pauline S.

“They responded to our message immediately when I needed emergency garage door repair. They are very efficient and courteous. They fixed all the problems with my garage door at a price I could really afford!” – Melissa C.

“I was really pleased with the service provided by Garage Doors Repair Miami. Their servicemen were very helpful, on time and they took a perfect deal of pride in their work. I would definitely hire the company again.” – Davis V.


“We were really pleased for the excellent job provided by Garage Doors Repair Miami. When a technician arrived, he diagnosed the problem and identified the issues with our garage door opener. He was knowledgeable, professional and performed an excellent job.” – Janna M.

“My experience with Garage Doors Repair Miami was exceptional. Their installer was highly professional and knowledgeable. He replaced the rollers and gave our garage door a perfect tune up. I would recommend this company for anyone who needs any type of garage door service.” – Jovine L.

“They get all the jobs done perfectly! They actually exceed my expectation. They are courteous, patient, very professional and reliable! I really love the service they provide us.” – Steve R.

“They were very honest and even gave us valuable garage door maintenance tips. They delivered their service in a safe and reputable manner. They give us exceptional services at a price we can always afford. This is the best garage door company that I would certainly hire again!” – Jake D.

“I really want to commend this company for the exceptional repair service I received from them. The service person is honest and he is equipped with the right tools to perform my required service. I would always recommend Garage Doors Repair Miami to my friends!” – Mikee L

“I wanted to thank the servicemen men from Garage Doors Repair Miami for delivering an amazing service. It is really a relief to know that such company exists. Very reliable!” – Julienne Y.

“When I hit the button of my garage door, the door went up about 2 feet and suddenly stopped. I tried to resolve the problem but I don’t have all the experience to do so. I called Garage Doors Repair Miami and their technicians gave us exceptional service.” – Eric P.

“Technicians at Garage Doors Repair Miami are reliable and fast. They did an exceptional job in no time. I would definitely love to hire them the next time I encounter problem with my garage door.” – Pauline S.

“Garage Doors Repair Miami is a very competent and dependable company when it comes to any garage door issue. They made a complete garage door improvement. I am well pleased with their services.” – Victoria R.








“Our garage door opener broke so we decided to schedule an appointment with the experts at garagedoor-miami.com. The repairman arrived on time and he exactly knew what he’s doing. We were completely satisfied with their service.”

– Andrei C.


“Technicians at garagedoor-miami are professional and impressive. They worked a very long time to perfect the whole job. If any of your have a garage door problem, this is the right company to call.”

– Joanne I.


“I am so impressed with the efficiency, service and staff. Our garage door opener is now running smoothly. The vast knowledge they have can be manifested to the great service they offer.”

– Lalaine D.


“They arrived to my new house and repaired the crooked garage door and added a special key. They provided on-time services that will suit your budget. The company’s crew was amazing and they give answer to all my questions.”

– Sammy G.


“My garage door opener was like 14-16 years old and damages are getting worse. We contacted Miami Garage Doors and they were very honest with us. Everything I wanted for a garage door company is here.”

– Cherry N.

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