Structural and Cosmetic Garage Door Repairs

Structural and Cosmetic Garage Door Repairs

Not all repairs to garage doors are simple due to the fact that the door won’t open and close. Some may because the garage door looks bad. It may be dented and dinged, may need a paint job, or may need some sections replaced. Here is some advice about dealing with these types of issues with your garage door.

Painting and Repainting

Perhaps the most common type of cosmetic improvement job for a garage door is repainting. Both metal and wooden doors need to be painted or repainted to protect them from the elements.

The best kinds of paints to use for metal and wooden garage doors are acrylics. You should start with and acrylic primer base coat. This is usually best if sprayed on. But if you don’t have a sprayer you can use a paintbrush...

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