Pros and Cons of Roll Up Doors

A shed or garage that needs a door over the large opening might benefit from mounting a roll-up door. Roll-up doors mount over the doorway and enable you to open the door by rolling it up over a roller and close it by rolling it down. The California Attorney General’s Office advises that it’s possible to keep a building secure with a roll-up door in place by using a predrilled hole in the track to install a padlock. With the padlock in place on the closed door, it will be impossible to roll up the door to open it. Knowing the pros and cons of roll-up doors will enable you to determine whether this type of door fits your needs. Benefits of Roll-up DoorsExplore the benefits of roll-up doors to learn how these doors will provide simple operation and security. • Simplicity – Roll-up doors operate effectively, moving up and down quickly. Roll-up doors generally have the option of motorized operation or manual hand-crank operation. • Custom Sizing – Many companies offer roll-up doors in custom sizes to fit an opening perfectly. • Attractive Appearance – Roll-up doors come in a variety of finishes and colors to match the exterior appearance of your building. In addition, you might also affix decals to the slats of the doors to show a logo or design on the door when it is in the lowered position. • Reduced Header Requirement – Roll-up doors require a reduced minimum header to provide a bigger door opening height for vehicles. • Variety of Latch Styles – Choose a latch style that fits your needs and desires. Generally, roll-up door latches include keylocks, thumbturns and slide bolts. • Emergency Hand Crank – For motorized roll-up doors, in the event of a power failure, the door also features a manual hand crank to enable you to operate the door without electricity.  • Security – Roll-up doors offer a high level of security thanks to the materials they contain. • Durability – The strong materials contained in roll-up doors makes them exceedingly durable. Roll-up doors will withstand weather conditions, staying strong and attractive. Disadvantages of Roll-up Doors• Expensive – A high-quality roll-up door system can be expensive. If you cut corners and purchase a less expensive roll-up door, you may sacrifice important quality. • No Sound Rating – Roll-up doors generally have not been subjected to sound control testing and do not possess sound ratings. Depending on the environment of the building, this may or may not be an issue for you. • Noisy Operation – Over time and with frequent use, a roll-up door may develop noisy operation that makes it unpleasant to use. • Aesthetic Value – Some people don’t prefer the aesthetic appearance of a roll-up door on a garage or outbuilding due to the industrial appearance. This may create a lower aesthetic value for your building after installing a roll-up door. • Installation Space – Roll-up doors require up to 1 foot of vertical height above the door opening to accommodate the barrel and drum of the door. A thorough assessment of the pros and cons of roll-up doors will enable you to make an informed door choice for your outbuilding.Kathryn Hatter is Redbeacon Contributor a home maintenance expert and regular contributor to several publications, including the “San Francisco Gate” and the “Houston Chronicle.” She is an accomplished gardener, seamstress, home-improvement guru, painter, cook, decorator and digital graphics creator..

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