Miami Garage Door Opener Installation

Miami Garage Door Opener Installation

The first electric garage door opener was invented in 1926, but was not widely used until after World War II. Since then, it has become widely used in many homes.

Inside the garage door opener there is an electric motor. The motor moves an arm attached to a track which guides the garage door open. The arm is moved by springs that act as a counter balance to the cables that lift the door open. Every garage door also has a quick release mechanism which is used in case of power outages or emergencies. The mechanism releases the garage door from the electric motor so that it can be manually opened or closed.

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Additional Garage Door Features

There are additional features that can be added to a garage door for extra security, or ease of access, such as:

  • Courtesy lights which will turn on automatically when the garage door is opened
  • Remote lockout, which is the ability to turn off the receiver for a period of time, ensuring that the garage door stays closed
  • Carbon monoxide sensors which detect carbon monoxide levels and will automatically open the garage door if levels get too high
  • Accessories such as keypads, keychain remotes, and fingerprint based entry pads

It is just as important to keep your garage door properly maintained, as it is to have the components properly installed. For a free estimate or more information about our products and services, call Absolute Garage Door .

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