Garage Door Springs Routine Maintenance

Unless you’re needing to purchase some garage door springs, or you’re involved in the construction or retailing of them, they’re most likely something you don’t give a lot of thought to.What are garage door springs?Quite simply, a garage door spring is an incredibly beefy spring, designed to assist with the opening and closing of a garage door. When garage door springs are set up and working correctly, all the operator needs to do is to lift up the garage door a little, after which, the springs will complete the job. Likewise with the closing of the door – all the operator has to do is pull the door down just an a little way to get things started, and the springs will do the rest.Like one of life’s unsung heroes – day in, day out, they discreetly do their job and we simply forget about them.However, do remember that whilst garage door springs are pretty reliable, it’s essential that every so often, they’re given a routine safety check.The reason they make such light work of opening heavy garage doors is because the springs are under a massive amount of tension,especially when they’re fully extended. If they were to fail and the door was to drop, the aftermath could be severe damage at best or grave injury at worst.It’s quite probable that you’ll know if there’s a problem with the door, as the typically smooth operation may become difficult and awkward or the door may not seem as secure as normal. In the same way, if the garage door begins to display signs of major resistance (ie; becomes very heavy) or a distinct lack of resistance (ie; becomes very light), have no doubt that all is not well.If you observe any of the above signs, you should get a garage door specialist to look at them as soon as possible.If you need to call a specialist out, he may ask you what kind of garage door springs you have. You may know the answer to this, but if you don’t, the following facts should help to give you an idea.TORSION SPRINGSUsed on sectional roll-away garage doors, there should be two springs to be found either side of the top center of the door.EXTENSION SPRINGSUsed on swing-up garage doors, there should be two springs positioned on either side of the door firmly fixed on the extending swing-arm apparatus.Garage door springs can be supplied in a variety of sizes. The size and the weight of the garage door will decide which spring is the most fitting, ie; in order for a garage door to give perfect performance, the torsion offered by the springs should be directly linked to the weight of the door.Operating issues aside for a moment, this is one of the reasons why it’s imperative to have a trained garage door technician to install and take care of the springs. When you consider the weight of a garage door and the level of tension in a spring, you can imagine how much damage could be done if proper care and safety procedures are not taken.View the complete article here.Get a free garage door repair quote today!.

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