Garage Door Broken Spring

Garage Doors Miami is your garage door spring repair/replacement expert.

We effectively replace garage door broken extension springs and torsion springs on residential and commercial clients. We offer high quality spring to match your needs.


  • Always replace both garage door springs at once!
  • Don’t over tighten the set screws on torsion cones and cable pulleys.
  • Hand tighten the set screws until they make contact with the torsion tube and tighten 3/4 of a turn!
  • Garage door springs are  extremely dangerous!
  • Don’t try to replace them by yourself!

Two Types of Garage Door Springs for Sectional Garage Doors

Side-Mounted Springs

These garage door springs are heavy, long, and mount to both sides on top of the garage door track.


Torsion Springs

These torsion springs are located at the center-top garage door frame. They work by twisting as the garage door closes.
The tension in the coiled spring is what makes it easier to open the door from a closed position.


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