Garage Door Repair Costs and Tips

Garage Door Repair Costs and Tips

As a major moving part of your home, the garage door may malfunction due to wear, tear, and damage. When it does, it’s important to take speedy action to repair it to ensure that your items are safe and accessible. If the garage door does not open, close or lock the items inside the garage may become exposed, vulnerable, and unusable. A malfunctioned garage door may even put your home’s security at risk.

Typically, the cost of repairing a garage door ranges from $to $depending on the type of damage.

Factors Affecting Garage Door Repair Cost

Location. The location of the garage affects the overall cost. Repairing a garage door at home costs around $while an apartment garage door averages $. The working condition and accessibility affect the overall cost

Type of problem. From broken springs, worn out cables, and openers, the type of garage door problem affects the cost.

  • Problems with operation – Both manual and automatic doors develop problems that pose a safety hazard or create inconveniences Sensors, springs, openers, or an electronic issue may prevent the door from opening. Garage door operation repair typically costs between $- $.
  • Issues with hardware – Damage to your garage door hardware can keep the door from functioning properly. From bent tracks, damaged rollers and brackets the door hardware needs to be in good working condition for the door to open and close properly. Hardware repair costs between $- $.

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Type of your garage door. Popular home garage door styles range from one piece tilting doors to roll up doors. Tilting doors operate using springs while roll up doors work on a track system. Roll up doors have several segments that are hinged together. Roll up doors have several parts to keep in mind during servicing but are easier to repair due to their accessibility. Roll up doors typically costs around $to repair. Tilts up doors on the other hand have a simple structure and functionality. However, the heavy sole panel door can make repairs complex. Tilt up door repairs typically cost around$.

Material. Garage doors are normally made of aluminum, wood, fiberglass, and steel. Repair for hardware, controls and tracks may be the same for all materials but the method for fixing the damage may vary depending on the type of material. Simple rots, dents, holes, and rust may have simple repair requirements. However, you may be required to install replacement panels to restore your door’s condition. The availability of materials and extent of damage may affect the repair cost. Typically wood garage door repairs cost around $, aluminum $ , steel $and fiberglass costs around $.

Finishing. Some damages may require a complete door replacement and if the color of the door doesn’t match with your home interior, you may need to do a repainting job. Though not a necessity having the garage door repainted will obviously add to the overall cost.

Extent of damage. The extent of damage affects the repair cost. For example a simple circuit board repair may cost around $while a full door replacement costs around $- $depending on the door style, and type.

Door size and width. Garage doors come in various styles and sizes. They can either be single width or double width styled. Single width garage styles normally require more work than double styled doors and are therefore more expensive to repair or replace.