Fixing Garage Door Springs

Has your garage door given up?  Most people have no clue what to do when their garage door stops working.  The first thing to do is to understand what type of garage door system you have installed.  Garage door systems use two main types of spring systems.  By knowing what spring setup you have, you can better know how to better repair your garage door.

The first spring setup is called a torsion spring setup.  Torsion springs counterbalance force and energy in a twisting motion.

Torsion springs are usually mounted above a closed door, horizontal to the top section of the door. Torsion springs also grow in length when they are wound in the right direction.  If the springs don’t get longer when twisted, you are winding the springs in the wrong direction or they are damaged and need to be replaced.

The second spring setup is called an extension setup.  Extension springs are on the sides of the door and are very similar to torsion springs as far as how they work and function.  If you really know what you are doing, you can in fact change out the springs yourself.  Springs have a lot of force and the springs that are a part of your garage door system are under so much tension that they can cause death if not handled right.  If you are looking for garage door repair, we would absolutely suggest calling the professionals to make sure no one you love gets hurt or loses you to a garage door spring accident.

Springs usually last from 5 to 10 years and should definitely be replaced every 10 years.  If the springs are not replaced, they can snap, damage your vehicles, and ultimately kill someone.  Make sure you do a visual inspection of the springs every so often to see if there are any cracks or abnormal looking parts.  This visual inspection will help you to avoid a life costing accident.

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