Easy and Commonly Overlooked Garage Door Repair Fixes

Garage Door Repair Fixes

If your garage door won’t open or close, you may think that you’re in for some involved or expensive repair work. You may be envisioning having to call the door’s dealer and have a technician come out to service the door. But don’t jump to conclusions. Often garage door problems of the basic type that the door does not move have very simple causes. Causes that can make you feel a little silly when you find out what the real problem was. You’ll feel even sillier if you have a repair professional come all the way out to fix it when it was very simple to fix yourself. Though these problems and their solutions may seem to be of the “duh” variety, it’s remarkable how often people make these sorts of mistakes. Let’s take a look some of these very easy to fix garage door repair problems:

Opener Unplugged

One of the simplest garage door repair problems that can occur is that the garage door opener mechanism (the box located near the ceiling which controls the opening and closing of the door) is unplugged. This opener box needs electrical power in order to function. If it’s not plugged in it obviously can’t. There is an AC cord tha

To check this, get a small step ladder, situate it near the box, climb up and look all around the box until you find the power cord coming out of it. Then simply plug it is if it’s unplugged. You may also want to check the outlet to make sure it is not loose and overused, and possibly replace it yourself or have it replaced if it is.

Garage Door Diagram

Dead Battery in Remote

You may also want to check the remote control garage door opener to see if perhaps the battery is dead or missing. This is an equally silly sort of problem but it is nevertheless a common one. Of course, trying the button on the manual garage wall mounted control box will reveal this problem as well or at least reveal that there is some issue with the remote. If the door opens when you press the button and not when you don’t, then you can be sure that there is a problem with the box. But once that is determined, the situation with the batteries in the box is the first thing to check. Simply try new batteries in the box and see if the door opens.

Remote Needs to Be Reset

If the problem does seem to have to do with the remote, but you have determined it is not the batteries which are at fault, another simple problem is that the remote may need to be programmed or to be reset. There may be codes that need to be entered in order to render remotes operational. Or it may have become deprogrammed somehow and need to be reset. If you suspect this type of problem is the case, your best bet is to check the owner’s manual for the information that is gives on this and take the appropriate steps. Just keep in mind that a remote with well charged batteries which appears not work may not actually be broken, but may have this other data related problem.

Lock Feature

On the wall mounted control box there is often a button which says “lock” over it which makes it so that pressing the open button or the button on the remote do not open the garage door. It’s possible to inadvertently hit this button on thus cause the door not to be able to open. Usually pressing it again unlocks the door and it will function normally.

These are a few of the really simple problems that can occur with garage doors and their equally simple solutions. Try these first before assuming you have an actual repair issue. This will not only save you the time and expense of trying more involved repairs yourself or having a technician look at these issues, it will also save you from looking stupid.