Stanley Garage Door Openers: Troubleshooting their Problems

Stanley Garage Door Openers: Troubleshooting their Problems

A garage door is an important piece of equipment. In fact, it is the largest piece of movable equipment in the house. It is essential to keep your garage door in perfect conditions for a variety of reasons.

Due to normal wear and tear, these doors may not work as efficiently as they should. Such a problem can usually be traced to your garage door opener.

Mentioned below are some of the common problems that can affect garage door openers. You will also find get to know how you can remedy them.

Smoke is emanating from the garage door and it won’t open

This usually happens due to a burnt drive belt. But it could also be due to a burnt capacitor or a circuit board. If the door is not opening and you can hear something like a hum, the problem is usually with the capacitor. Anyway, it should not be a cause for worry. Stanley garage door opener parts can be found easily to replace your garage door opener.

The door is not opening and nothing seems to be broken

Check the power cord to find out if it has been properly plugged. Sometimes, it may so happen that your Stanley garage door opener may have been overworked. In that case, the overload protector may have been activated. So, wait for ten minutes before you start again.

Sometimes, the garage door may not be in balance. Disconnect the opener from the door. If the door opener is working fine, then the problem is with the door. So, you should test the door’s balance.

The remote isn’t working or it works only when you are near the door

If you are facing this problem, check the troubleshooting section of the instruction manual first for solutions. Some secure transmitters will not work if you press them more than sixteen times away from the opener. In that case,  press the transmitter twice when in range. It will start working again.

Another common problem is that the battery in the transmitter may be dead. Replace it and see if the opener works. If something that uses powerful signals is being used in close proximity, then that might be disrupting the transmitter’s signals. Fix this problem and try to operate the opener.

Push back button is not working

 Check the wires to find out if they are in contact with the push buttons or at the rear of the opener. The opener will not work if the wires are in contact.

If it still doesn’t work, the wires should be disconnected and shorted across the button’s screws. You can do it with a screwdriver. If the opener is working by itself, test the push button wiring.

This is how you resolve the common problems that affect a Stanley garage door opener. See more garage door remote information.

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